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Circus for all ages, abilities & incomes.

Here you can find our booking page will full details of our discount concession scheme for people on low incomes, sessions for children or adults with different abilities, plus outreach touring services bringing the circus to you.

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Class Calender

See our full list of regular classes & concession scheme through our bookings calender. You can filter sessions for children or adults.

Outreach Services

We tour a full range of circus skills workshops to groups, school, organisations, festivals & events. Our fantastic teachers teach a full range of circus disciplines including aerial with our portable rig. See further details below or get in touch for more details.

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What is Social Circus?

Why learn circus? Why run a social circus charity?

Social circus has been a long proven vital & effective tool to engage unique individuals & communities in unique ways, with a huge amount of mental, psychical & social benefits. We love to always reference the work of social circus pioneer Dr. Reg Bolton who sums up the main benefits of circus arts into five elements.

To Dream

To Work Hard


Teamwork & Trust

To Take Risks

Sensitivity & Joy

What we teach

Circus Skills are taught through the five main circus disciplines, we have fantastic teachers for all disciplines which can be provided for outreach projects or in house projects. We also provide sessions & projects to suit children or adults with multiple needs.

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